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Sale: All Cut Out and Nowhere to Go

I recently found a little cache of already cut/sewn goddess doll bodies cut from an older pattern I no longer use. They are about 9″ when my current pattern is smaller at roughly 7″ tall.

Since this pattern is no longer in circulation I’m having a little sale!  If you see a doll body in a fabric pleasing to you I will happily make a doll for you (with all the usual fun- pockets, babywearing, themes, etc) for $25.00 and free shipping in the US/$6.00 international shipping.  So let me know if you see one you like!  Email me at JLRaeWrites@gmail.com and let me know the number of the one you liked and what you think you’d like me to do for your doll and I’ll send you an invoice!



Choose one of these and I will make you a doll for $25!




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