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Sibling Rivalry

Piggie Paint

My kids have always gotten along so well.  Of course, it helps that Hannah was almost seven years old when Patrick was born.  However, Patrick and Willow are not quite two years and they play quite nicely.  They shared a room for years, until this past summer when we moved to the new house, and didn’t want to be separated.  They are best friends.

Willow and Cooper are a completely different story.

Willow is three years older than Cooper, and a bit of a bossy-boots.  It doesn’t work so well when she is with Patrick, because he can speak up for himself.  But with Cooper, holy crap.  All they do is fight.  Nearly every time they play, they argue.  It goes on all. day. long.  I try to let them sort things on their own, I try talking to Willow, to Cooper, I try showing them both how to make things work, I even try separating them, or redirecting them.  And it all works for a little bit, and then they start up again!

Willow constantly tries to make Cooper do what she wants and he is just too stubborn to give in.  They do have their sweet moments.  Tonight Willow was painting her nails, and Cooper asked her his to paint his.  He loves playing with her (until she tries to steer things to suit her) and I love it when they get along.  I just wish it happened more often!

Do your littles get along?

5 Responses to Sibling Rivalry

  1. It’s strange, but every pair of 3-years-apart siblings that I know don’t get along! It makes me nervous because I just had my second and my first is 3, but maybe it’s just something about that age separation!

  2. Growing up, my sisters and I fought like dogs. Same stubborn spirit. ^^ These days we get along pretty well – okay, except for the other two who constantly argue which one is the better mother. But I am good friends with both of them. (Until I get kids of my own, I presume.)

    I think being siblings is difficult because you are so similar and still different persons. But they’ll learn to sort things out. Just give them until they are thirty.

  3. My two boys are almost 5 years apart (currently 4 & 9). I’ve been surprised at how well they play together. They play rich, long imaginary games together, board games (with less sucess), legos, marbles, construction projects, etc. I’ve come to realize that the 9 year old makes or breaks the play. If he’s invested in making the game work – it works! They are both intense, stubborn, persistant people & if the 9 year old decides it HAS to be his way, then the 4 year old rebels and the game becomes an argument. However, I read one (in Siblings without Rivalry) that kids CHOOSE to fight and that they do so because fighting is more interesting the not fighting. That idea has really changed my perspective about their arguments.

  4. I hate to say it, but fighting with siblings is actually necessary. If they never fight with siblings, they will never learn to stand their ground against social bullies, dictator wanna-bees, and those who would willingly abuse legitimate government power.

  5. My two boys are 20 months apart. They play together in spurts, but fight a LOT! My new baby(another boy) is due in May and the middle child will be almost 3. I’m just hoping this one won’t get left out.

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