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Snowpocalypse makes me miss the huz more.

Yay.  It is time for our weekly blizzard.  This sucks.  I do not want to shovel any more snow.  I am not well equipped for physical exertion of this level.  I did a half-assed job of clearing out the last lot (two whole feet deep in my driveway) and now I’ve got another layer on top.  I miss my husband.  He usually does this stuff for me.

I always miss my husband, but I especially miss him when we have bad weather.  He takes care of things around here.  He takes care of me. He shovels the driveway and paths and he even cleans and warms up my car if I need to go out.  He slogs the trash bins through the knee deep (and in some places thigh deep) snow drifts, so I don’t have to.  He takes over the shopping and errands so the kids and I can stay inside and safe from whatever horrid weather we have.

I didn’t realize he did all of these things until this winter.  I guess the other years he was out on the road the winters have been mild.

It sucks being the only adult in a house full of kids when the weather is bad.  If something goes wrong, there isn’t anyone to help you fix it.  It is quite an alarming thought.  Last spring New England had epic rainfall and this area flooded so badly that parts of my town were evacuated.  The dam was threatening to break, and it was only a mile down the road from our house.

I was in the middle of making dinner when my grandmother called me to tell me that evacuations had started.  I was so scared, but had to stay calm.  I had no idea what to do if we were evacuated!  I had Hannah gather up clothes and other essentials and pack bags, and I moved anything expensive or important to the second floor.  Then we watched the news and waited.  Luckily, they stopped one street over from us, and we were able to stay in our house, safely.  But it was so scary.

It was the first time I realized that when my husband is on the road, I am all that these kids have.  What a sobering thought that was.  I wish he had a regular job, and could be home with us every day.  I miss him so much when he is on the road.  But this is the only job that he can stand where he makes enough money to support all of us.  We are hoping that someday we can figure out a way for him to be home with us.

Maybe I’ll write books and then he can be the house-husband and cook ME dinner.  *grin*

3 Responses to Snowpocalypse makes me miss the huz more.

  1. Yeah, it sucks. We have a similar situation here. In 11 years of being together, hubs has probably lived here, on and off, maybe 2 years? Everything else is traveling where the jobs are. Sometimes I want to sit on the floor and cry when things are overwhelming, but you just gotta get up and do the job….someone once told me that we are “corporate widows!” Hang in there- wish I could help you shovel your driveway (I’ll be doing 2 feet or so myself tomorrow!)

  2. It can be hard when your husband is gone. I can only imagine what it’s like for you at times like this. My husband was gone last year for 3 days and it was a very long 3 days.
    That’s so awesome that you two are so supportive of each other. Your kids are very lucky and you two are lucky to have each other.

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