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Still Hobbling

I’m getting better, but only because I am completely off my ankle.  Since Saturday, I have been on the couch from wake up until bedtime.  The only time I get up is to hobble down the hall to the bathroom.

I’ve been OK for the most part.  Its funny, most of the time I’d give anything to take a break, to sit down, to have the excuse to be lazy.  But as I discovered when I was on bedrest during my third trimester (with Patrick) it is an entirely new kettle of fish when you can’t get up.  Then you sit and think of all the things you could be doing.  Like how all the walls are covered in jammy hands and dirt prints.  I wish I could spend a couple of hours scouring them clean.

It isn’t all bad, I do have my laptop and my pupster Penny, and Hannah is doing a great job making meals and keeping things to a mild level of chaos instead of the full-blown apocalyptic state my house has the potential to become.

 Because my kids have lost their ever loving minds.  Seriously.

They know I can’t get up to see to them, so they run around like hooligans all hours of the night.  Bedtime tuck in usually begins around sevenish, but with me out of commission they have been staying up until ten or eleven.  Two nights ago Cooper didn’t fall asleep until midnight.  It sucks.  The constant noise and elevated levels of insanity make me want run away screaming.  Only…. I can’t, because I can’t run.  Or even limp.  And they know it. 

The night before last I ran out of ice, ibuprofen, and patience.  I sat here and cried my eyes out before posting:

“Feeling down. Stuck on the couch “resting” my stupid ankle and meanwhile my kids are going insane and causing chaos all over the place. I just burst into tears because we have neither ice nor baggies and I am out of advil.”

I have trouble asking people for help.  It has bit me in the butt in the past.  So it is hard to just call someone up and tell them what I need.  I didn’t even realize that this was my version of asking until a local friend called to tell me that she was on her way within minutes of my post.  And ten minutes after that, another friend showed up here with the things I needed! And then yesterday yet another new friend brought lunch and we sat talking for several hours.  It made me realize how blessed I am to have already found supportive friends even though I am 1300 miles away from everyone I knew.

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  1. Also, a quick phone call to me and I’d be happy to hot-foot it over there to help if needed. Now that you’re only a few hours away, it’s not a huge problem for me to get there, and you know I have all kinds of free time.

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