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Thank You.

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I always heard that you should schedule blog posts in the morning, to get the most attention and hits, but trying to follow that plan seems to screw me up every time.  I tried scheduling posts, but I don’t like that it lacks the spontaneity and fun of writing what I am thinking NOW and pushing post to see what people will say.  I am posting so infrequently, when the sad fact is there are LOTS of times I would have new stuff up on my blog if only I had written and posted right then instead of waiting!  So I’m going to try going back to my roots- those early days of blogging, when there were no “rules” -that’s over a decade ago now (WOW) and post whenever the hell I feel like it. 

I want to say THANK YOU to my readers and page followers.

My homebirth fundraiser went OVER my goal- which is just……  Insane.  I didn’t think that would happen, and I am so happy, and so touched that so many people (101 contributors!) wanted to help me reach my goal!  Thank you all so much for supporting me!  It is amazing to not have to worry about my baby’s birth.  My fund closed yesterday, and I’m just waiting for the rest of it to clear and move to my bank account so I can finish paying off my midwife!

I know that having my birth covered is a privilege of having this blog, my page, and a large following.  A privilege that most people do not have access to.  I know there were mutterings of “why should anyone help PAY for someone else’s homebirth” -and I get it, I do.  It isn’t something some people want to do, and that’s cool.  I know many people struggle to find what I had just plop into my lap, but I refuse to feel bad or guilty about that- the fact is people read what I say, they like what I do, they like the stories I tell about my life and my children and they feel part of that and wanted to do something nice for me.

I am very grateful for the support and I don’t take it for granted at all- I’m quite blessed and I know it!

I’m going to make a sandwich and work on perks- I’m trying to finish up the last of the doodles- but there are a bunch of people I need info from, so if you haven’t sent me your pics and what you want……  Please do!  (You can email me regarding the perks at kitchenwitchwoman@gmail.com) Then this weekend I will finish up the goddess dolls I have to make (also waiting for direction from several people!) and next week I will focus on the rest of the paintings.  <3

And thank you ALL so much for being readers.  I love and appreciate that you come here to read what I have to say and follow my life with my husband and littles.


9 Responses to Thank You.

  1. you know, we should all be there for each other. i feel like we have been given this complex here in our culture… to not ask for help and to not want to give help to each other. if i can’t have it, you can’t have it. well that is just silliness. i found you because a friend followed your blog and said you were doing a fund raiser so you could have a homebirth, and you know what i thought? RIGHT ON! and i donated because everyone should have this option (if they want it) and so often it just isn’t a choice because money is tight. and that just doesn’t fly with me.i hope your birth is amazing, life changing, and powerful. you are an inspiration! go rock this birth mama!

  2. Heather is right – this is the positive side of being part of a social group. We all do what we can for/with each other, if we want this to work.

  3. I am soooo happy that you got the money for your homebirth. I know it’s something you want and I think need. Since I know how hospital births can be stressful to plus sized momma being I am one! You go girl and do not feel guilty in the slightest that people decided to help you. You didn’t force or coerce you made an account and it happened which is awesome!

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