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The Formula Experiment

A few days ago, we received a formula sample in the mail.

The kids have been after me ever since- they want to “do an experiment” with it.

I wish I had wiped down my table before taking this picture.

First we smelled it and touched it.

Verdict: “It smells GROSS” and “feels WEIRD”

Then we read the directions and mixed up a bottle.


Meanwhile Hannah read the ingredient list…

“Eww…  Vegetable Oil?”

“Ewww- Mommy there are all these chemicals.  I can’t even pronounce this stuff.”

“CORN SYRUP SOLIDS?  OMG. That sounds awful.”

I then expressed some milk into a glass.  Each kid took a taste of formula, then a taste of breastmilk.



Patrick made a face.

Willow spat it out.

Hannah gagged.


Patrick asked for more.

Willow wouldn’t let go of the glass.

Hannah said it tasted like sweetened coconut milk.

So there you have it…  The great formula “experiment” of 2010…

Obviously done for fun and not scientific-ish at all.

13 Responses to The Formula Experiment

  1. I had forgotten the weird feeling of artificial milk powder. Ick. Not pleasant at all. (I’ll never forget the nasty smell, but I’ve always been too chicken to taste it – gag.) I feel so fortunate/proud that my 16 month old son has never had even one drop of artificial milk. But I mixed umpteen bottles when I worked as a nanny to twins and I can say, it’s nasty stuff, even when it’s necessary (their mom had supply issues due to having had a lumpectomy before the twins were born and was actually diagnosed with breast cancer when they were 8 months old).

  2. I just Googled to find the article on this and came up empty, but there is a childbirth educator from Topeka, KS (my hometown!) who as part of her childbirth classes (for teens!) made the pregnant mothers taste formula. The rates of breastfeeding initiation skyrocketed.
    I think all parents who plan to formula feed should be required to drink it.

  3. Brilliant!!!!

    I showed my 10 this too. He thought the formula sounded terrible. He’s not eager for the idea of breast milk either, but he knows thats how babies are fed and is a great promoter of breastfeeding, asking one of the school mums if her boobs didn’t work cos she was giving her 9mo formula. LOL.

  4. Eew! I never actually looked at ingredients, as I have only ever mixed a bottle for my friend’s baby a couple of times. It’s hard to believe babies can drink those ingredients every day and not get sick or completely sluggish. I’m surprised it tastes bad seeing as they’ve come out with a chocolate variation (double eew).

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