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The line for what is considered “decent” is so darn blurry!

The line for what is considered “decent” is so darn blurry.

6 Responses to The line for what is considered “decent” is so darn blurry!

  1. I completely agree with this, it’s too bad we have to hide our babies because, god forbid, they are eating! What is wrong with us? How dare we offer them the best we can, and feed them in public. It’s just a boob, if people stopped being so hyped about it sexually we’d be fine. Someday it will be better, love the cartoon!

      • We had a nice storm last night. Lost our power for a couple of hours, and got to listen to the music from the tornado alert speakers. They really need some new selections on that system, the music is old and boring. (lol) There is some storm damage across the south end of town (the actual tornado left a path from about 15 miles west to about 5 miles south of us). But, we’re both fine; the cats are fine, and the last update I heard was that the whole event only produced one person having to go to the hospital for injuries.

  2. I don’t see the point of this cartoon. Yes, breastfeeding is considered natural and encouraged in Arab countries, but only as long as its not seen. Like, not at all. The image above would never actually happen – an arab woman would NEVER breastfeed in view of others like that. She may feed in public in an absolute emergency but the baby would be under the burqa and unseen. I have travelled extensively in Arab countries and have never seen anyone breastfeeding. I have however seen many woman with crying babies on buses and trains, obviously rushing to get home to feed the baby, as they are unable to hoist up or open their clothes to put the baby underneath for hidden feeding and as I’ve said – they just would not dream of doing it in public view – even if they were totally covered. I’m afraid that as in every other area of their lives, arab breastfeeding women are to remain hidden, covered and invisible.

    • My point had more to do with the fact that for many people nursing is considered to be nasty, inappropriate, sexual, and/or the same as urination or defecation. Women are bombarded with comments about weaning, giving formula, etc.

      And in cultures where women are not even allowed to show their noses, necks, or elbows it is still the normal and expected way to feed a baby… In my drawing the mother isn’t completely covered because I wanted the two women in similar poses.

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