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13 Responses to There is more than one way to be a mama…

  1. Yes, they are all wonderful mothers! As long as you love your baby and do the best you can to bring them up to be healthy, happy, and loved, then you’re doing it right!

  2. We’ve been having a similar conversation with a mama who’s questioning whether she will breastfeed or not. She’ll be an amazing mom either way. And these are amazing mama’s too!

  3. Perfect! Hey, email/call me if you want to get together for lunch on April 11th – we’re going to be in Mt. Vernon seeing a VA doc (me) that morning, and can pop over to Springfield pretty easily then.

  4. Thanks for this. I pretty much got ostracized from the attachment parenting community when my kids were babies and I couldn’t breastfeed. Even though we were a co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering family, we became instant pariahs because of my lack of breast milk. One woman even suggested to me that the best thing I could do would be to give my baby up for adoption and not have any more children if I really couldn’t breastfeed. That sort of behavior is not helpful. Not for struggling new moms, not for advancing attachment parenting and breastfeeding, not for anything.

    P.S. Everyone please save the “if only you’d done this or that, you probably could have breastfed” replies that I get. I did everything you’ll suggest and things you’ve never heard of. Sometimes bodies don’t cooperate. My kids are teens now and lovely people, so it all worked out. I stopped crying my eyes out over not being able to breastfeed after about a decade. :(

    • Resa, that isn’t helpful, and is intensely hurtful i should imagine, I am Sorry people, who are ‘supposed’ to be all about kindness and love see themselves in a position to treat you this way sweet mama (((hugs)))

      I am one of those people who truly believes in ‘each to their own’ and not in a negitive way, we are ALL mama’s facing our own journeys and we all need to support each other, not compete

  5. Thank you, SO MUCH for this. I am just reading your blog for the first time, just happened upon it. I had my daughter 4 years ago and i was young (18) and horribly uneducated. I love everything about being a mother, babies, and whats best for them so over the last year or so I’ve learned A LOT and i find myself feeling guilty about the way I raised her for her first 3ish years. Things that could change have, but it was too late to try cloth diapering, or EC, or try harder at breastfeeding before i realized how much i would of wanted those things for my daughter, or at least wanted to try. I did try breastfeeding and my supply didn’t ever get high enough, so i quit trying after 2 months, that might not have been something i could of helped, but other things, like parenting styles, attachment, cry-out, those types of things. I just did what my mom told me to, i didn’t know any better. I have felt guilty from time to time thinking maybe there could of been something better for my sweet baby, but seeing this helps a lot. I know my daughter is healthy, happy and smart, that’s what counts. Thanks!

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