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They really don’t make things like they used to.

I’ve been so busy these past weeks… I feel bad that I haven’t been blogging. I hope you all stick around until I work through all of this. I just feel so overwhelmed by everything. I need a break so very badly. My husband has been on the road and out of the house for two months. We are hoping he will be home by Samhain (halloween) but there are no guarantees.

One of the things causing me stress?

This is my kitchen table.

A few weeks ago my friend S was over with her kids and there just wasn’t enough room in the kitchen with the table opened up. (Our table is pub style- it is higher than average and has a center piece that can fold out from underneath and pop into place, turning it into a 6′ by 6′ square.  Great for games or craft projects!)  We tried to close it, but it jammed up.  She popped it back into place- but I called the furniture store to come out and repair it anyway…  This table isn’t even a year old!

The repairman came last Saturday.  He was so weird.  When I answered the door, the first thing that he said to me was “Do you want that?” and pointed to something to the side of the door.  I was confused, and he repeated himself twice more…  Before I figured out that he was pointing to a little wicker chest to the side of my front door.  He wanted me to either give it to him or let him buy it- I’m not sure which. I said “um… yes I do.” and then showed him to the table.

He needed to open the table back up to look underneath, and when he did? He SNAPPED my table IN HALF.

Two pieces.

I was freaking out.  He stood looking at it, scratching his head, and said “well, that has never happened before.” He then tried to convince me it was my fault.  He was also trying to get me to tell him it was ok to leave. I was very careful to be noncommittal with my answers…  I wasn’t going to give him a reason to get out of fixing my table. He stood around a few more minutes and then LEFT.

He told me to wait two hours and then to “try calling the office”.

I was livid.  The huz called the office before he even got out of our driveway and got through to customer service right away.  The woman he spoke to was appalled.  She said we would get the table replaced at no charge. The only problem was we had to wait a week for the appointment.  So the kids and I had to picnic on the kitchen floor and do schoolwork at the coffee table.  It sucked having a broken table in my kitchen for an entire week.  We weren’t allowed to remove it or they would not honor the warranty and replace it.

They replaced it today- and it is beautiful and shiny.  Which is awesome, because the old one was scratched up- Hannah was cutting on it without a cutting board.  I am glad she has learned that lesson though. And at least I got a new table out of the mess!

(this is what it looks like before you open it up…  I made the delivery men open and shut it before I let them leave!)

17 Responses to They really don’t make things like they used to.

  1. Nice table! So, is the new one the exact same model?
    Sure looks nice!
    I’ve decided to videotape repairmen when they come into my home from now on. They mess up all too often and try to get away with it.

    • Yupe, it is the exact same model as our last one- but as a bonus, it doesn’t have the scratches on the top from Hannah cutting fruit without a cutting board. (She has since learned that lesson!)


  2. I’ve missed your blogging and look forward to hearing from you again when things have settled down.

    I have to agree with you, customer service has gone down the drain, it’s appalling really. I once had delivery men put the couch they were delivering through a window in my apartment building. Took them forever to get up the nerve to come tell me after they did it (I heard the glass break and thought, no, it couldn’t be) and then they just told me, asked me to tell my building manager for them and left. Told me I could contact their company for reimbursement to fix the damage. OMG, whole huge long story later we did get reimbursed and a new couch but what a rigmarole.

    Anyway, glad you got your new table and again, take your time, we’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to return to writing again. Hugs!

    • Aww thank you. It is so nice to know I was missed. Things are starting to settle down, and I am hoping to get back into my routine. The last two months were crazy!

      And! OMG! What a crappy thing to go through to get a couch! Wow. I am glad it worked out though!


  3. Holy smokes! How very unprofessional of that guy. I sure hope you brought that wicker basket in the house so he can’t come back and steal it!
    I’ve been a horrible bloggy friend lately. Sorry about that! :( Hope all’s well in your world these days with your brand new table.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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