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This is Homeschool: Learning on the go!


Homeschool is so cool- for many reasons!  But one of my favorite parts is that lessons can happen anywhere, anytime.  Lessons can be triggered by the most unlikely things. For example, Patrick’s reading has been kicking into higher and higher gear- he reads every word he sees: billboards, signs, advertisements, products in the stores.  If it is printed, he will read it.  Today he read “Replacements” and somehow that started a conversation about words that are weird.

He said “Love” is weird because it doesn’t have a long O sound….  So we started talking about the rules of different groups of letters, and how there are words that break all the rules, blah blah blah.  Willow, not to be outdone, started picking out words that she could read off the billboards we passed.  It was a readingpalooza!  And I pointed out to them that our 45 minute conversation about words was indeed school time.

A few weeks ago we had one of those conversations that blow my mind.  It started out with the kids talking about Gangnam Style parodies- and then Patrick asked who Mitt Romney was and why there was a song making fun of him.  So we started talking about the elections and candidates, and what sorts of things people liked or didn’t like about each one.  Which somehow morphed into a discussion about reproductive rights and the reproductive systems of men and women….  Which turned into a discussion about puberty…  And Patrick shouting “YES!  Someday I will have tadpoles!  Ooooh yeah!”   (He knows what sperm is, but insists on saying tadpoles) And Willow cackling madly at the thought of Hannah “laying an egg” every month (even after I explained about the size of the egg released).  Which turned into a discussion about where babies come from….  To which Willow laughed her butt off and told me she doesn’t want to have babies, she’ll just get dogs instead, and Patrick quickly informed me “Ok but I’m not quite sure how daddy’s tadpoles GOT to your eggs….  And I am REALLY SURE I don’t want you to tell me.”

Yeah.  I’m not sure I am ready for that conversation either.

Then again…. When I was nine, I asked my mom where babies come from (I knew, just wanted to see what she would say) she told me to ask again when I was older….. At seventeen, I told her I was pregnant…. And then, because I am an ass, I asked her if we could have that talk now.


6 Responses to This is Homeschool: Learning on the go!

  1. I guess I homeschool more than I realized! My daughter does go to traditional public school. I wish it were possible for me to homeschool her full time, but as a single parent, that’s just not feasible. However, she does know where babies come from. She loves to hear stories about when I was pregnant with her and will ask me questions at odd moments.

    On another note: we need a new term for ‘stretch marks’. I realize it’s accurate, but it makes them sound distasteful. If we called them love marks or mama marks or something similar, I bet fewer women would be embarrassed by having them. (Yes, my brain works strangely, just roll with it.)

    • Except that people get stretch marks from things other than pregnancy. I have them on my breasts and hips from rapid growth during puberty.

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