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This is Why I No Longer Make Them

I love to sew, and my dolls are awesome.  However, I rarely make them anymore.  My etsy shop sits empty.

It makes me sad that I don’t have more time to sew.

Honesty is always best, right? So here goes…  Deep breath.  If you bought a doll from me in the last seven weeks or so, I just mailed them this past week.  Because I forgot.  Most of them were done a while ago, all boxed up and sitting on the desk in my study for weeks, but I forgot to mail them.

I am so embarrassed.

I try to make it very clear that it takes a while for me to get dolls into the mail. I even added a disclaimer to my doll page:

         “Also, because they are handmade with love, please take into consideration the time it takes me to create a doll.  It usually takes me about three weeks to complete a doll order and put her in the post, but sometimes it takes longer- (I do have four kids) so please take that into consideration when ordering a doll from me.” 

My life is often overwhelming.  I’ve got all these kids that I am alone with for weeks at a time. I’m homeschooling them, writing a book, painting, cooking, running a Thursday playgroup, and helping to start a children’s circle, all whilst trying to keep up with my house and this blog.  So sometimes I drop the ball.  I dropped it here and I am very sorry.  I just really enjoy making dolls and I wanted to make a few this fall- I didn’t think about whether or not I would have the time to do it.  And I wasn’t expecting to get EIGHT orders in all at once!

Anyway, I guess my point is that if you have been waiting nearly two months for your doll, I am sorry I screwed up.  And if anyone else wants a doll from me in the future (those rare few that I still make), please be prepared to wait quite a while for it to be finished. 

15 Responses to This is Why I No Longer Make Them

  1. It happens sometimes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I”m sure people will understand, we all get overwhelmed on occasion.

  2. I’ve been there, honey. I did Fall product sales for Tyler’s Girl Scouts one year and barely managed to get products delivered in time for Giftmas. In fact, some of the stuff had MELTED IN MY CAR! Not cool.

    I suck, too. But we RAWK, too, girl! Just not… on these particular tasks. lol

  3. It’s great that your honest. My feeling is, that if people can’t read your disclaimer and you get people irritated because they can’t read, then it’s on them.

    I feel for you with having 4 kids and doing everything by yourself most of the time. You’re doing awesome. Just keep being you, and it’s my opinion that no one should ever have to apologize for being who they are. ESPECIALLY since you’ve already placed disclaimers on your absolutely adorable dolls!


  4. Oh, sweetie, honestly I’m just glad I’m not alone. For me, it’s giveaway prizes. It took me four months to send out my last round, and I’ve lost the two I’ve been needing to find, like, a month ago. Ugh. People should not entrust me with things to mail, is what I’m saying.

    Anyway, you must feel huge relief that your dolls are mailed now, right? I will move toward that feeling for myself…once I find those stupid prizes. Gah.

    • I STILL haven’t announced the winners of the chili contest because I can’t afford to get my aprons from the printer. Having to unexpectedly by a new car totally messed up our finances.


  5. Sometimes it takes me 3 days to make a blanket, sometimes it takes me 3 weeks! And depending on how many orders I have sitting in my queue ppl can wait months for custom handmade items.

    I always try to get it made as fast as I can, but for the same reasons as you that isn’t always very fast! So unless I promise an item by a certain time (like for a special occasion) I’d hope people understand these are unique, handmade items and not mass produced kitchery bought at Walmart :) :).

    Handmade is always worth the wait.

  6. Your honesty is commendable, but your self-abasement is not necessary. You disclaimed on your ad, so you have nothing to be sorry for.

    I’d compare it to this: I’ve been waiting about 8 months for a custom oil painting that a friend is making as an exchange for a hard drive with esoteric data on it that I sent to her. My feeling is; she’s getting no income from this painting; she’s a world-renowned artist; and it’s a CUSTOM OIL PAINTING. Of course I’m waiting. I also know with no doubts at all that the finished product will be AWESOME!

    I’m also sure that your dolls are just as awesome, and your disclaimer covered everything it needed to. Proof? How many refund requests did you get? If it’s “zero” – that’s exactly what I expected. *more hugs*

  7. I´m still amazed, how you do all this? I only have one little girl, my husband helps ocassionally at home and I can´t find the time to do my stuff. I´m also an artist. Can you please give me some advice? You rock!! 😉

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