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This year’s “School” Photos

Cooper coaxed a butterfly onto a stick

Last week was busy!

On Tuesday our homeschool group did end of the year photos at the park after a fieldtrip to the butterfly house.  Willow refused to pose for the pictures and I struggled to keep my cool even though I was embarrassed.  I bit back the urge to say “all the other kids are doing it” ….  Because, well, I don’t want that to be a reason my kids do anything.  I did offer ice cream though, which wasn’t any better.

We moved on to the other kids and later, after a walk around the park, she finally decided she would be willing to let us take one… On her terms.

Even though it frustrates me, I do have to say I admire her strong will.

We rounded out the day with some playground time (I had the toddler who stripped naked and peed on the play equipment *facepalm*) and then a bunch of us went out for ice cream.

Wednesday we went for a long walk on the nature center’s trails with our friends Don and Helen (two of our favorite people!) I was so pleased that I was able to keep up even on the steep parts!  Afterward, I took the littles to Chipotle and then we went home for a burrito-induced nap.

On Thursday we had our weekly play group and then I piled the kids into the van to drive to Joplin and pick up the huz.

James came home for what turned out to be quite a fateful weekend. 

We didn’t see much of him on Thursday evening, because he had an important meeting to attend, but we were excited that he could attend Friday night’s homeschool “Graduation” ceremony and cookout!  I had the kids that refused to line up for their diplomas or wear the hats.  Another *face palm* moment.  They sat quietly with us while the other kids marched up front.

Saturday I finally got to take the long nap I had been waiting for since my aborted attempt on Mother’s Day (it was a BLISSFUL afternoon well spent) while James took the kids out for mini golf.  That night we went out for dinner at the pub so he could take notes and figure out what he was going to focus on once he started work.

It was a BUSY week!


Here are this year’s school photos!



May 2012






12 Responses to This year’s “School” Photos

  1. They are so beautiful. I love the personality in these photos, something that is glaringly absent in normal school pictures. Such a lovely way to end the school year!

  2. You have such a wonderful family – in my next life I want to come back as one of your kids! lol

    Have you ever heard of “Indigo” kids? I ask because the more you describe Willow, the more I think she might BE one – and trust me, that would be a good thing!

    You were in Joplin yesterday? Wish we’d have known, we were there too! I had to go to Fayetteville, AR, for an MRI on my left hip. We really need to get together before the summer craziness sets in!

    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to ask if you have a Dropbox account. I have some files in Dropbox that I would love to share with you – about the sustainable living things. James might get a real kick out of it; give him a chance to tinker a bit. lol

  3. Your kids are all gorgeous but Cooper is so adorbs that I can barely handle it. That last shot of with hands nonchalantly in his pockets is perfection.

    My two-year-old got to investigate his first spider today. It was a daddy long legs we found in his closet while re-arranging the room (actually a play room really, as he doesn’t sleep there yet), and I was thrilled to ‘help’ him catch it in a jar and study it. Once outside he poked in gently and it was such a great moment to just see the wonder on his face. And now when we see spiders in his books he will have some context!

    I have to say, those are better pictures than any of the professional photos I had done in all 12 years of public school!

    I also want to add that I just read your About Me page for the first time and I was an “online diary” girl too! I know that a lot of mom bloggers are fairly new to the craft but I too was blogging before we were calling it that. I’ve used the site Wayback Machine to dig up some of my very old blog posts (I started around age 13!) and it wasn’t very pretty! — We also have a lot of the same goals, it seems. I’m currently making most of my income designing websites (a skill that was a happy byproduct of those angsty online journals) but would LOVE to support my family by writing alone. You are obviously making a name for yourself and are clearly doing something right. :)

  4. Hi Joni,
    I was just wondering how you came across your homeschooling group? Is it a co-op or a meetup group? Just curious, because I’m having a very hard time finding non-Christian groups of join for my girls. Thank you so much!!

    • I am in the same boat!
      I live in New Hampshire, and not only is it very spread out, most of the groups are Christian. I am going to start exploring the UU church though…because Pagans and otherwise open minded folk tend to go there.
      Joni Rea…your children are beautiful! Great pics!

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