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Thursday Q&A: What Curriculum do you use?

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Claudia Asks:

“Hi! I’ve been following you for probably a year now and have had my 7 year old in public school since kindergarten midyear. He’s going to third grade next year. I am a newly single mom and have two more. I’ve been agonizing over it, but I keep coming back to homeschooling. I am considering it again. I am currently researching curriculum and even considering unschooling him. I don’t know yet what would suit my two girls (4 & 2). I’ve been searching for the post you made a little while back where you mentioned what curriculum you use for your kids but can’t find it! Would you mind sharing what curriculum you use for your kids and why it works for them? I’d really appreciate it!”


Dear Claudia,

We have tried lots of different kinds of learning over the years.  There definitely isn’t a one style fits all curriculum when it comes to homeschooling.  Right now what works for us is an eclectic mix:  The kids read every day.  They have music, dance, and art lessons  each week.  At the beginning of the school year I grab a couple of workbooks that have all the subjects in one, and we have a few others in specific subjects that we pull out on rainy days or when the kids want to focus on a specific subject.  I have the “what your child needs to know” series of books and I check in with those periodically. We also like the Story of the World series for History. We use the internet for the bulk of their schooling- We like time4learning and as they get older we switch to khan academy.  The kids enjoy the lessons in time4 learning and they look forward to the “playground” games they can play when done.  We also use Netflix and Amazon for movies and documentaries.  Hannah is teaching herself guitar via youtube.  We have a family membership to the local zoo and we love the nature center and parks.  We are also part of a homeschool group and participate in field trips and classes with other homeschoolers.

I tried the sit down at the table method, but my kids prefer to do their own thing, sometimes a school day can be spent wandering around the neighborhood examining the ants climbing a tree stump and counting how many bees they see.  I love the flexibility of our lifestyle. 

There is not one “right” way to homeschool, you will definitely figure out what works for your family as you go along.  I hope you will all be happy with whatever path you take!

One Response to Thursday Q&A: What Curriculum do you use?

  1. Congrats! I like your approach – keeping it organic and individual.

    I have a suggestion that “might” be helpful, too. It is directed to helping Hannah learn to play the guitar. There is a game for the PS3 (I am sure it’s also available for the X-box, possibly for the PC) called “Rocksmith”. The difference from other games like Guitar Hero is that you don’t use a controller – you use a real guitar, and it can be customized with the choice of regular or bass guitars.

    I’ve been using it for about a year, and gone from a bumbling beginner to someone who almost knows how to play a guitar – but I don’t use it very often either. It’s worth a look!

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