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Treading Water

sleeping brothers

Henry has his first cold.

And it has been a bit stressful. I can’t do anything… Every two minutes (literally) Henry will cry and need me to do something about it. Get my boob out. Put it away. Rock him. Give him a toy. Rock him again. Clean up spit up. Hug him. Hand him a toy. Get my boob back out. Hold him. Sing to him.  Give him a toy.  Get my boob out.  Most of the time, no one but mama will do so we just hang out in my bed.  Cooper is also ill and needs mama.  It has been me and the two littlest in my bed all weekend long.  Hannah and Patrick are also sick, but handling it better.  They are just grumpy and tired for the most part.

Willow, so far, is right as rain.  James says the bug is probably afraid of Willow.

I still haven’t washed the dishes I needed to do yesterday. We have not one clean dish or piece of silverware in the house.  Combine that with intermittent heat (heating dude has been here FOUR TIMES since Thursday to fix this damn furnace…  They must have replaced everything replaceable by this point) and two out of three bathrooms not working since Friday (the plumber is trying to figure it out as I write this) and it’s been a hell of a week.

brothers1I am exhausted.

But then I got this picture…

And I melted.  How sweet is this?!?

Cooper and Henry reached out and held hands in their sleep.  It made me glad that I was stuck sitting here, so I could catch this moment.

I know I don’t write as often, it has been hard to find time for anything lately.  I am getting better at this every day.  Treading water, holding on, and I know it will just get easier as Henry gets bigger.  I try to savor each moment of his babyhood, even when I am so stressed that my neck stiffens up and the laundry piles get higher and the kids voices get louder…

Even then, still, I can find something to enjoy most the hours each day.


3 Responses to Treading Water

  1. Hang in there mama, there are so many out here sending you loving healthy energy.
    We see the struggle you have with 5 kids and a traveling husband and we also see
    the loving care you give to them all. You are such a strong magical mama.

    Blessed be, :)

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