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Two Years, One Month

I’m nursing a toddler.  Cooper is two years and one month old now, and shows no signs of stopping.  I have been either pregnant or nursing since October 2003.

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I should write about my nursling. My big, talkative, silly nursling.  We have conversations now, whilst nursing.  There goes that notion of “if he can ask for it, he doesn’t need it.”  Cooper tells me when he is ready for bed.  When he is tired, he asks for “milkie on the floor, in mah room? Wit dah boppy?”  And when I agree, he takes my hand and pulls me into his room and drags the boppy to our nursing spot.

He talks so much now.  He tells me which side he likes better (the left), that milkies are sweet and make him sleepy, and he switches sides often with a murmured “Now da uffer one.”

Nursing a toddler isn’t like nursing a small, snuggly baby.  It is an active sport.  He marches roaring dinosaurs across the hills of my breasts, he drives cars through the valley between, and nestles small boats in the ripples of my hiked up shirt.  He kicks his feet and drapes them across my arm, sometimes waggling his rosy toes in my face.  He twirls my hair, pulls on my ear to play with my earring, and pretends he is going to stick his fingers in my eyes, laughing when I pull his hands away.   We discuss the dinosaurs out in the big dark, the light in his closet, and negotiate which toys will follow him into his bed that night.  All of this done in the quiet of his room whilst I sit on the floor nursing.

First thing in the morning and last thing at night, it is just me and him.  Cooper has three siblings and a mama who is trying to write a book.  Once the rest of the brood wake up the day becomes a cacophony of shouts, cries, and “mama I need you”.  It is a special thing, this time we get together away from the other kids, and I am happy for it to continue until we are ready to let it go.  I’m not going to allow anyone else to tell me what is right for my child.

14 Responses to Two Years, One Month

  1. Oh, gorgeous tribute to your little guy and the joys of nursing toddlers! I totally agree that nursing is a great way to get away from the craziness and connect with your nursling (or nurslings, in my case). I love that and will miss it the most when they eventually wean. I am absolutely in no hurry for that inevitable.

  2. It’s so sweet and special, nursing a small child, nothing like nursing a new born, or even a 6 month old. I’ve never regretted allowing my girls to self-wean, even though it has taken us into uncharted “nursing a child that goes to SCHOOL” territory, and gas kept us close and connected despite my return to work after 6 months maternity leave each time.

    Rock on, boobies aren’t just for babies!!

  3. Great article, very well written with colorful imagery, I could see the dinosaurs playing, that made me laugh. I personally love that it is growing into communication between you, our 19mo old hasn’t gotten to the point of asking for it by name but is not a bit confused if we ask her if she wants milk.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. my littlest will be 2 soon. it is an active sport lol. i remember nursing her older sister at this age too. nursing gymnastics. upside down even. but i like the nice quiet still time the best. late at night. listening to her tell me all about her day in her cute little 2 yr old words. i cant believe anyone would ask me and her to give that up. it fills us up with so much love. i wont stop either. not until she wants to. :)

  5. This post has touched my heart! I am now pregnant with my fourth and nursed my third until she was 3 years and 3 months. i had to stop because I would vomit when she nursed due to the pregnancy hormones. but even though we stopped almost a month ago she still will ask for boobies at bedtime. She is always kissing and hugging my breasts and saying how much she loves the boobies. thanks so much for writing such a touching post! Keep on nursing!

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