We are All Mom Enough

Mom Enough

I took this photo last night after seeing several other women post pictures of themselves in the infamous Time Magazine pose.  And I just felt like moms like me need representation.  It was partially to spoof  on the magazine’s shot, partially because I wanted to say “DUH we are ALL mom enough” and also a bit daring for me because I rarely post full body images of myself.  I hide behind angles and flattering camera tilts to make myself feel better.

So I posted it.  And the response, both positive and negative, was fantastic!  I had so many comments from people cheering me on and calling me “brave” …. for posting a picture showing myself as I really am?  Not sure… And the nasty ones just made me laugh.  I was so worried about my messy hair, my no makeup, my tummy and thighs and face…  And what people were focusing on was Cooper’s long hair and whether or not they could see my nipple!  I found this hilarious.

I urge you to take your own picture if you can.  There is SO MUCH drama surrounding this one image and I think it would be cool to turn it into something positive.  Let’s make it a meme about being proud, confident moms.

If your baby is little, you could place the chair beside you but hold him or her while they nurse.

If you are bottle feeding, you could do the pose but with your baby on your raised knee drinking a bottle.

If your toddler doesn’t nurse, have them stand on the chair with a sippy cup.

If your kids are older, you could have them stand around you drinking from cups while you pose.

It would be awesome! Do it!


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