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What We’ve Been Up To… 1

life update 1

Happy New Year!

Since I seem to have trouble posting regularly I have decided to occasionally do a post that combines all our new stuff in one lump of an update.

1-In November Willow started dance lessons.  She is taking ballet and tap and LOVES it.  I was afraid she would be shy but she jumped right into the very first class!  Now she dances whenever we put music on… Or even without it.  We hear her tap tap tapping all over the house!  I had secret imaginings of my blonde faerie daughter in pink ballerina gear but she eschewed my suggestions in favor of black everything.  Even leg warmers.  Our Willow, she’s hardcore.

2- Cooper has had some hilarious Cooperisms this past month!

Me: “Cooper, how about you finish putting away the legos?”

Cooper: “Mama, how about you pretend the legos don’t exist?”


Cooper: “Mama you are a diamond.”

“I am?”

C: “Yes. Because diamonds are pretty and you are always pretty. Did you know pennies don’t grant wishes?”

“Oh yeah?”

C: “Only stars grant wishes because they have magic in them.”


Cooper: “Maybe we should take a day off from sweeping and vacuuming. We do that EVERY DAY mama.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. We should take a day off. But still pick up legos because they could hurt Henry.”

I love this kid.

3-We’ve had the coldest stretch of days since moving to Missouri three years ago.  But don’t worry, we are nice and toasty now that the heat has finally been fixed (I was bitching about the heating debacle on facebook for weeks).  I was so grateful that our home has a working, wood burning fireplace!  It turns out the issue was NOT with the furnace, but instead had to do with a faulty meter and intermittent gas flow.  So glad it is fixed!

4- Man.  I forgot how unfun nine-going-on-ten is.  Patrick suddenly has to argue with everything I say.  If I say the sky is blue he will probably come up with a reason its actually purple or magenta.  Hannah started the same thing, at the same age, but I was hoping that was going to just be her and not a stage they all go through.  He is a wonderful kid though, arguing aside.  He is tender and watchful of Henry, generous and kind to his siblings and friends.  I can live with the arguments.

5 and 6- Hannah and I are obsessed with Supernatural.  Obsessed.  I am also working my way through the Dresden Files.  Love these books!  Thank you again, Rae, for sending them to me!

7- Hannah is now SIXTEEN.  I am the mother of a sixteen year old human being.  That is insane.  I don’t feel old enough to have a kid that will be an adult in two years.  She had a super cool party, I will try to share some pictures and tell you more about it later this week! —-Update—- James has been home since New Year’s Eve, because it was important to him to be here for Hannah’s party.  It’s been wonderful, and he has taken such good care of me while I haven’t been feeling well!  I had planned to talk about the awesome party he put together for her in my next post, but poor husband felt neglected and left out of THIS post!  I feel bad! 

8- Henry has his very first cold.  Poor bub.  We are all down with a lingering, annoying, exhausting bug.  I brewed up some elderberry syrup yesterday, which seems to be helping.  I will try to post the recipe this week as well.

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Up Next:

Hannah’s sweet sixteen recap, Elderberry Syrup Recipe, plus a few other recipes I promised to post in the past month…

Food for thought:

Life can be beautiful, but at some point we have all been through times that are painful and hard. Just because someone’s life looks fairly easy or rosy now does not negate the pain in their past. We don’t need to play the “who has been through worse” game. No one has the corner market on heartache. Instead, we should all try to support each other, love each other and be good friends to each other.

Love and Light. Always try to aim for that.

5 Responses to What We’ve Been Up To… 1

  1. You have a beautiful and amazing family, and I love reading everything you write! You are an inspiration to mom’s everywhere!

  2. That “Food for thought” at the end of the post is PRICELESS! Absolutely spot-on. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hope you all feel better soon. This weather has been giving Barbara a hard time, with her asthma the cold makes it hard to breathe. We’ve been staying inside a LOT.

    Thanks, also, for the reminder that we need to get our fireplace fixed. Besides being nice to have, it’s an essential back-up for emergencies like that!

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